New Single by Mike Botello “Euphellum” Has been Released!

The third single release off the new album, “Indigenous”, was released on September 8th, 2020! The new single titled, ‘Euphellum’, is an epic instrumental demonstrating the virtuoso abilities of a power rock trio, featuring Mike Botello on the drums and bass, along with lead guitarist Tony Smith, of Texas’ ‘prog metal’ group ‘Militia’. ‘Euphellum’ is…

New Lyric Video by Mike Botello

Mike Botello has released a new Lyric video ‘Cycles’. This is the first track off the ‘Rule of Law” album. This song points out the “cycles” of life; in reference to the repetitive nature of sequence. – Ecclesiastes 1:9 – ‘Rule of Law’ is Botello’s 3rd studio album.