One of the more recent artists to walk the line of innovative style in concert with creativity, Mike Botello has reached new heights that not only touch your inner being through compelling lyrics and intriguing interludes, but also has completed new insights through song and harmony. As a result Mike Botello has received many positive reactions, along with a dedicated fan base through out. Since humble beginnings with his father to his 1st release in 1990 (Awake – Spiritual Warfare) and to his most recent to date, Mike has developed a fan base from Europe to the U.S. with more joining in as the days go buy. Since the tender age of 5-8 years of age, Mike Botello began playing the drums at his parents home in Austin, TX, playing to records of bands like Kiss to Queen, Rush and Heart just to name a few. As the year’s progressed Mike’s father, Jesse Botello Sr., who is an accomplished musician in the tejano music scene and was very active in live performances at the time, began inviting Mike to sit in with his group. This eventually led to Mike forming his first band by age 14 to eventually playing drums with the locally popular heavy metal group "Assalant" in the mid to late 80′s. "Assalant", who was fronted by Mike Soliz of "Militia", consistently filled clubs and venues which led to the release of a three song demo titled, "The Damage is Done" (1986) which originally had the vocals of Jason McMaster of "Watch Tower" and "Dangerous Toys". To this day this demo is in current circulation throughout Europe and the U.S.. With this experience behind him, this led to a deeper interest in recording and production. As a young adult, Mike Botello began writing songs of many types, which led to his first CD release, "Spiritual Warfare" with his newly formed group "Awake" (1990). "Awake" acquired local and regional success which led to becoming an opening act for bands such as "Holy Soldier" and "Vengeance Rising". In 1992 the band dispersed and Mike Botello began his solo career. In 1999 Mike Botello moved to Nashville, TN and began working with many solo artists, song writers, and various church/worship groups. Since then, Mike Botello has been involved as a producer and studio musician with dozens of bands along with many recording projects in Christian Contemporary, Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz and Worship. Currently, Mike is focused as a solo artist and is playing drums with the Texas legendary Heavy Metal group "Militia" from Austin, TX reuniting with his former front man Mike Soliz from "Assalant". Mike Botello has three "solo" releases under his belt. “A Timeless State” (2006), “Rule of Law” (2010) along with a Christmas CD titled “A Botello Christmas” (2010), which he made with his Father and brother Jesse Botello Jr.

New Single by Mike Botello “Euphellum” Has been Released!

The third single release off the new album, “Indigenous”, was released on September 8th, 2020! The new single titled, ‘Euphellum’, is an epic instrumental demonstrating the virtuoso abilities of a power rock trio, featuring Mike Botello on the drums and bass, along with lead guitarist Tony Smith, of Texas’ ‘prog metal’ group ‘Militia’. ‘Euphellum’ is…

New Lyric Video by Mike Botello

Mike Botello has released a new Lyric video ‘Cycles’. This is the first track off the ‘Rule of Law” album. This song points out the “cycles” of life; in reference to the repetitive nature of sequence. – Ecclesiastes 1:9 – ‘Rule of Law’ is Botello’s 3rd studio album.