Mike Botello – A Timeless State (Digital Album)


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“A Timeless State” – is a CD that will take you on a journey. From the opening song to the final track, you will be challenged internally, which will make you think about your own direction and the choices you have made. Eventually, you will identify with the fact that life is a vapor; where one minute it is there, to the next, not being there at all. Our lives are just like that vapor, gone like it never existed; From a vapor, to beyond our familiar realms of existence in time, to, ‘A Timeless State’ of being; A place where there is no age, or wear and tear; A place unimaginable; A place where only spirits exist with their creator. A place known as… ‘A Timeless State’.

Musically this CD is well written with Rock overtones to a more acoustic/folk vibe.